When Is It Time To Remove Your Tree

When Is It Time To Remove Your Tree

It is not easy to remove your tree once you are emotionally attached to it. Besides, it adds beauty to your surroundings. But there are times when you need to remove your tree before it poses danger to you and your family.

Your Tree is Unhealthy

Your tree may be diseased. This can be confirmed once you notice any cracks on its trunk, leaves losing their color or dying, or the appearance of fungus. You may try to get the tree treated to get rid of the infection. But if that does not work out, it may be time to get rid of your diseased tree.

You may notice that your tree is not as healthy as the other plants growing nearby. This may be reflected through stunted growth, discolored leaves or scanty leaf cover. You may consult a professional. In case everything else fails, tree removal may be the best option.

Your Tree is Near Power Lines

Your tree may be growing under your power lines. Before the branches grow higher and entangle in the power lines disrupting the power supply or causing a disaster, it is advisable to remove the tree.

Many times your tree may start growing in an haphazard manner. It may begin to lean heavily on one side. In case it is leaning too close to the road, it can be a hazard for the motorists driving buy. If it is leaning too close to the house, there is the constant fear of it toppling over and damaging your house in case of heavy rains or fast winds.

Your Tree is too Close to Your Home

Sometimes, the branches of your tree may get too close to your house. This can be a potential security hazard as an intruder will be able to access your house easily. Besides, snakes and other pests may also crawl into your house this way. In such cases, it may be in your best interest to prune such branches or remove the tree completely.

If you notice a hollow trunk, you need to take action immediately. This means that the tree is badly damaged. You may try to find the root cause of the problem and take remedial action. If it does not work out, the best option would be to remove the tree before it collapses on its own damaging the structures around it.

As you can see, removal of a tree is usually the last option. No one likes to do it. But sometimes it becomes essential in order to avoid bigger dangers later on!